Monday, 15 June 2015

What's happening in my garden during winter in Perth

Hello, just looking around in my own little garden for some plant therapy.  Looking at plants somehow makes me feel so satisfying and at peace.  I like seeing that my plants are growing and thriving, and these plants are great, very water-efficient and does not take much care.
jade plant and agaves
jade plant and agaves

jade plant
jade plant and agaves

My papaya plant, just propagated.  Will transplant once I find the space.

agaves and jade plant
My agaves and jade plant with the pink little flowers.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Making cupcakes with my little girl

I made these with the help of my daughter. These are chocolate cupcakes we plan to bring to her school to celebrate her birthday.  First attempt at this recipe we found for chocolate cupcakes

chocolate cupcakes
chocolate cupcakes out of oven

chocolate cupcakes
chocolate cupcakes the next morning when I iced and decorated them with my kid

I did not have enough chocolate icing, as we made 24 cupcakes.  The decor on top were bought from the supermarket, icing shapes like hearts, butterflies and flowers.  My daughter chose these for the decor on the cupcake topping/icing.

A great recipe to try, the kids at school love them.  So do I.