Monday, 21 March 2016

My household cleaning and upkeep schedule

I have recently decided to have a more 'routine way' of doing my household chores.  At the moment, I am still doing laundry almost everyday, or whenever there is a pile of laundry in the hamper.  After deciding to learn from some of the housekeeping experts online, and make use some of their cleaning tips for home, I thought I come up with a regular schedule of doing things around the house too.  Hopefully, it will bring some order to my life, not having to go grocery shop several times a week, wasting time and overspending each time I am at the shops.  

So, I have categorised my chores or to do list for the household into daily, weekly, monthly, every four months or twice a year.  Let's see how I go in living an "ordered" life.  :) 

In addition to the visual chart, these are 'to-do-list"
Living room: Sweep and mop floor, Tidy up shelves, declutter

Main bedroom 1: Sweep and mop floor, Tidy up shelves, wardrobes, drawers, change and launder bedlinen, blankets, covers, declutter wardrobe, make beds

Bedroom 2: Sweep and mop floor, Tidy up shelves, wardrobes, drawers, change and launder bedlinen, blankets, covers, declutter wardrobe, make beds

Study room: Vacuum carpets, declutter desks, tidy up shelves, organise files, shred sensitive unwanted documents, scanned important documents/receipts, tidy up Mac

Laundry: launder clothes, sort clothes,

Bathroom, toilet 1 & 2: Sweep and mop, bathtubs, shower screens, wall wipe down, cistern disinfected and brushed, seats cleaned, vanity tops wiped, vanity cupboard tidy and declutter

Daily upkeep: all trash bins in house taken out, sweep and mop floors after meals, wipe counters and cooktop after cooking, dishes washed and drained, put away, new hand towels.

Next thing I am going to do is to try to cut down on my grocery bill, have a meals or menu plan for the family, so I only buy what I need, and not have to throw away wasted raw veggies cause its overdue or mouldy.

Every month:
Change and launder my curtains in 1 bedroom, car wash, blinds and windows cleaned

Every 4 months:
Sofa and cushion covers cleaned, declutter, store away out of season clothes, bedding etc....

By the way, I found this website, that lets you do great design for cards, greeting and anything you need to have a visual for.  

Will try this routine out for a month and see how it works out.  

lemon cake

Another attempt on baking this weekend

This was where I got my lemon cake recipe from.  I used a 21cm springform cake tin for this cake.  It did not seem to "rise" much, but it was delicious, especially after I added a thin layer of icing on it, but you don't see it.  You can taste it though.

This will feed hungry tummies during morning and afternoon tea break, when hunger sets in or when I have a bit of sweet craving.

Resting the cake after it has been left in the tin for 15 minutes.  Now it is on the cooling rack to cool down completely before I pour some icing sugar glaze over it.  Icing glaze is made of 1.5-2 cups of icing sugar mixture, with 1 cup milk, just warm it in a pot over warm stove top, enough to melt the icing.  Just stir the icing mixture to prevent lumps.  Cool for few minutes before pouring over the cake, the glaze will flow and drip over the edges of the cake.

Lemon cake
Lemon cake

Lemon cake
Lemon cake

This was where the original recipe came from, I followed it in my attempt.  Do check it out:

It will be one of those go to recipes when I need to whip up a simple and quick cake for morning tea or afternoon tea.  Great for when I am on morning tea roster at church.  Will try it again...