Sunday, 19 July 2015

Crochet Iphone 4S cozy or bag

Hello people!  Looking for my next crochet project, and this time, I decide to make a small Iphone 4S cozy or bag to put my mobile phone.

Flat measurements of the cozy:
3.75" width x 6" height
Flap measures 2" height x 3" width across cozy

Materials used:

8 ply 100% acrylic yarn from Carnival
Colours of yarn:  A for Lime green, B for White, C for Bottle green
11cm diameter black button
hook size 4.50mm
crochet iphone 4S cozy
crochet iphone 4S cozy

crochet iphone 4S cozy
back view of cozy

A very simple pattern:

Foundation chain:  crochet 14 chain plus 3 chains
Row 1:  Using colour A (lime sorbet) acrylic yarn, Dc into the fourth chain from the hook, then 1 dc in each chain.  Once you reach 14th chain and made the dc, continue on the other side of the chain, and do 1 dc in each ch that already has a dc. To finish, slip stitch to top chain (3rd ch) of the turning chain.
Row 2 - 5: repeat row 1 using colour A
Row 6-7, change to white yarn, colour B.  Repeat row 1 instructions.
Row 8:  change to colour C, then repeat row 1 instructions here to row 11.

To make a handle or loop for the cozy, I chained a length I felt comfortable with, I think around 60-80 single chains, then slip stitch back to the space between the chain three starting chain of row 8, and the first dc stitch.

To make the flap over the cozy, I slip stitch three times along the row 8, the previous dc stitches, before making a chain 3 turning chain.

Row 1 - 2:  ch 3 starting chain, dc in each of previous dc stitch x 12 times.
Row 2: turn, ch 3, dc in each of previous dc stitch 12 times.
Row 3:  make a button hole here, so ch 2, hdc in each of previous dc stitch x 4 times, the chain 4 for the button hole loop, then dc stitch in each dc stitch from previous row, do this to the end, which will give you 3 more stitches, then dc on top of previous turning chain.

Row 4: ch 2, hdc in each stitch from previous row, and 4 hdc along the chain 4 space which is the button loop itself.  Continue to hdc to finish this row.

This little cozy is now used as a wrist bag for my kid in dress up play.   I did not get to put my mobile phone in it, as someone is using it as a play toy for dress up.  Looks like I need to make another one.

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