Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Some yarn stash buster ideas: crochet headband for a little girl

Stash buster ideas for left over yarns:

The narrow braid headband, pattern found in Jan Eaton's book "200 stitch patterns for baby blankets" published in 2006

This headband measures 4cm wide x 50cm length or circumference.
Made using 4mm hook, 8 ply Carnival lime sorbet, 100% acrylic yarn
Easy pattern for beginners to do.
crochet headband
crochet headband, narrow braid
crochet headband

crochet headband

crochet flower motif
crochet flower motif
Sorry i did not have a reference to a pattern for this flower as I reproduced it based on an item I saw for sale on Etsy.  There are lots of other sites with patterns for flowers, please see my pinterest site for ideas:

iPhone 6 sleeve, pouch
iPhone 6 sleeve, pouch
Hook size: 4mm
Yarn: 100% acrylic yarn, 8 ply for pink, white and red burngundy

Measures:  9cm (3.5") width x 17cm height (6.75")

This is a simple pattern I made myself, using mainly chains and treble stitch patterns.  
Foundation:  using pink yarn, chain 14 plus 3 chains for turning
Round 1: Tr st on 4th ch from hook. Then 1 tr st each ch, continue on the other side of the foundation chain once you finished the 14 chains on one side.  To finish, ss to 3rd chain, top of turning chain.
Round 2-5: ch 3, tr st in each tr st from previous round.
Round 6: change yarn colour to white
Round 7 - 9: ch 3, tr st in each tr st from previous round. ss to 3rd ch of turning chain.
Round 10: change to burgundy red yarn.  ch 3, tr st in each tr st from previous round.
Round 11 - 13: ch 3, tr st in each tr st from previous round.
Rond 14: ss to each tr st from previous round till you reach 7th tr st. Then make 18 chains, ss to next tr st, position 8th tr st from start of this round.  This makes to button loop.  Then ss all around to finish, fasten off.

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