Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A straight paper bag dress for summer wear, suit 4 year old.

This is one of my recent sewing project. Took around two hours from cutting fabric, ironing and sewing.

Dress measurements:

pocket size each:  4.25"W x 3.5" H
Shoulder straps 8" L x 1.75" W
Length of dress:  18" L
Width of dress hem: 22"
Sized to suit 4 year old, height 106cm, chest 22" or 56cm.

Sewing needs:
Fabric used:  Folkart poplin, 44" (112cm) width x 25" (63.5cm) height
Elastic band 19mm with x 23" (58.5cm) length
A safety pin to loop the elastic band
Dress making pins

For a tutorial on how to make this dress, see a similar type of dress with tutorial on this site:

I just adjust measurements and items to suit what I want the dress to look.  My dress came with a straight strap, not frilly.  Also added two patch pockets for fun.


paper bag summer dress

For another idea on how to add the elastic band onto the dress, you can check this out, as this tutorial shows you another way:

To make a paper bag skirt, you can try this tutorial on: 

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